Hi, I'm Arnold, a machine learning engineer and data scientist.

I'm a Graduate Researcher at the Vector Institute for AI and I recently completed my MSc in Computer Science at the University of Toronto (2018 - 2020).

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Contact me directly at arnold [dot] yeung [at] mail [dot] utoronto [dot] ca

Select Machine Learning Projects

Personalized Self-Explaining Image Classifier

Developed an RL framework which provides end users with sequential personalized explanations for the behavior of an image classifier.

The AI agent will predict what explanations you'll find most helpful as you learn how to simulate its behavior.

Presented at ICML 2020 Workshop on Human Interpretability in Machine Learning (Spotlight)

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Concussion Assessment with EEG Signals using Support Vector Machine

Developed an SVM model which predicts whether a patient has had a concussion, using features from EEG readings.

Presented at IEEE EMBC 2015 (Late-Breaking Paper)

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Battery State-of-Health Determination

Developed a machine learning model which determines the state-of-health of mobile phone batteries using the Cadex C5100 Battery Analyzer.

Completed at Cadex Electronics, 2015


Political Bias Text Classifier

Implemented a text feature processing and machine learning pipeline to classify the political bias of social media posts using Reddit data.

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Image Colorization with Convolutional Neural Networks

Implemented and trained two CNN architectures (vanilla and U-Net) to colorize greyscale images from the CIFAR-10 dataset.


Select Engineering Projects

3D Environment Laser Scanner

Designed a stationary laser scanner (hardware and software) capable of capturing a hemispherical representation of the environment.

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Comparing the Performances of Wet and Dry EEG Electrodes

Designed and constructed an EEG headcap with dry and wet electrodes and conducted human experimentation. Evaluated and compared the performances of different dry electrodes, relative to standard wet electrodes.

Published in IEEE EMBC 2015 (Oral Presentation)


Motion-Controlled Beat Sequencer

Designed software for a beat sequencer which is controlled by the movement of an accelerometer.

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Concussion Risk Assessment Tool

Developed a framework for assessing the risk of concussion in a sports team based environment.

Published in Brain Injury, 2017